Our Journey Begins

“Neglect not the gift that is in thee.” I Timothy 4:14

Greetings to my Kindred Spirits!  The day has finally arrived…. I now post my first blog entree.  In this cozy nook I will express my thoughts of reading, writing, and the nature around us.  So pour a cup of tea, and move to a comfortable place to read my feelings of the wonderful journeys your imagination can guide.

God has locked a special gift in each of our hearts.  It is our job to find the key that will unlock the “safe” protecting our true calling.  Discovering your true calling may be easy or difficult; it is different for everyone.  I have found much joy in writing, but also capturing pictures of God’s nature.  No matter what your purpose in life may be, never neglect it.  When you do, it is like neglecting a friend.  Your relationship with that friend will not be able to grow, therefore it will not blossom into the fruit that it was meant to.  Your gift is like a birthday present from God to you.  Imagine if you didn’t contain any special talent, if you didn’t hold any unique aspect to separate your personality from others.  You wouldn’t be able to say “I want to be an artist, or a teacher”.  God was thoughtful when he created a desire in each and every one of us, it is our job to fulfill that desire and please God with our actions.  Everything we do should be to please God. 

As spring unfolds it is a perfect time to discover what pleasures we can find in nature.  That’s why over this season, I have decided to discuss the beauties I personally have found in nature.  You too, will be surprised at how little searching you will have to do to find these same pleasures.  Nature is calling, we must answer.  It is calling in the morning when the sun rises and peers through your windows and the birds sing a chorus.  It is calling on summer nights when the crickets chirp a tune and the bullfrogs join in competition.  It is calling when the peaceful sound of raindrops beg from the windows to enter your home.  An orchard of nature is in your very own backyard, whether you live in the city or the countryside.  Even the tiniest signs of spring show God’s godness.  Enjoying nature is more than just a walk, it is really exposing the life that is left in this dark world. 


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