A Rare and Precious Jewel

“There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel.”   Proverbs 20:15

What could be more valuable than gold, silver, or rubies?  A careful tongue, a wise heart, and a patient mind.  Sometimes it can be difficult to put those valuables into action, but if you use self control you will be happy to have peace of mind with no regrets.  No regrets of saying something you wish you hadn’t; no regrets of acting without hospitality; no regrets of getting frustrated with a younger sibling who was only trying to grow, learn and understand.  A clean inside can also effect the appearance of the outside.   What is in your heart is shown through your actions and emotions.  What goes in, always comes out.  I know you have heard all of this before, but I am warning you.  Even though you might think your right and other people are wrong, later when you really have the time to think about the situation, you will realize that you had been too hasty to judge.

Imagine yourself on a spring afternoon; sitting on a swing attached to the arm of a great oak.  All around you birds sing in the blossoms of cherry trees.  A bubbling creek acts as the perfect rhythm to the chorus.  Your backyard is a healthy and beautiful place to be.  As you grow older you develop bad habits of chattering on and making bad decisions.  Little by little your bad attitude spoils your oasis.  The flowers die, therefore the birds fly to another place and the bubbling creek stops flowing.  Your heart has turned into a grave yard full of buried regrets.

A mouth that speaks wisdom and knowlodge is very rare and prescious.  Gaurd your heart and mind and your tongue from evil.  Let yourself be one of those rare and special jewels that inspire people to do the same.


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