A Brown-Thrasher’s Song

As we celebrate Mother’s Day I will tell you a little about my observation of birds the last few weeks.  About a month ago, two Brown-Thrashers built a nest in our Confederate Jasmine vine.  I can imagine that that was a lovely place to build a home.  Once there were baby birds (or more like a ball of feathers) in the nest the mother and father were very protective of their children.  If we got close to the nest to peek at it the mother would swoop down from her watching place and make a “tchuck” sound like a cracking of a twig.  The sound would get louder and louder until it turned into something like a hiss.  As the babies got older that parents would bring them more and more food.  Two days ago, I noticed the the baby birds were out of the nest and hopping about.  I watched them all day, it was very entertaining.  The baby birds loved to hide in our tall grass, which was great except for one problem; my dad decided to mow the lawn that day.  While mowing, he found a baby bird in the grass and carried it out of harms way.  Meanwhile, all that afternoon the mother and father continued to call and fly about searching for their little lost bird.  Later that evening, I went with my dad to find the bird.  We found it by a little creek, and it was gazing up at us with fear.  We returned it to its home and then spent the rest of the day watching it.  After recovering in the vine for a few minutes, it ventured out onto the lawn hopping and following its mother. 



Overall, I enjoyed watching the process of birds.  Brown-Thrashers are very similar to Mocking Birds.  If you don’t already know, Mocking Birds copy the songs of other birds.  Have you ever tried to teach a Mocking Bird a new song?  Whistle a little tune and observe the bird sit very still while listening.  It may even repeat your melody.  Have you ever seen two Mocking Birds dancing?  A few years ago, while I sat eating breakfast at our kitchen table, I watched two Mocking Birds hopping this way and that.  Always in a rhythmic pattern.  One bird would hop one way and the other bird the opposite way.  The birds danced for quite a awhile and than flew off together as the afternoon approached.  Observing birds can be very interesting.  It is fun to see how the blue-bird drives off its enemies or breaks up a fight.  It is entertaining to watch Gold-Finches fighting over the bird food.  It is lovely to admire the Chickadee’s and The Tufted Titmouse’s beautiful feather designs.  I encourage you to spend a little time “making friends” with the birds.  Maybe they will put on a show for you in return!


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