An Artist with Passion

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.”  James 1:17

I enjoy gazing on a canvas full of paint.  I love studying just about any picture.  Whether it looks real or is just a pattern.  A few years ago I was watching TBN and a girl named Akiane was on the show.  She was eleven at the time and I was completely breath taken by her gorgeous paintings that looked better than most adults would paint.  Now she is about thirteen and had continued her paintings.  She paints for fun, paints with talent, but most importantly paints for God.  I invite you to visit her website below and browse her gallery.  Take your time, there are many beautiful ones, but there may be a few that catch your eye.

There are many different types of art.  Painting, drawing, photography, poetry, even singing or acting are considered “fine arts”.  I enjoy all of them, but there are a few that I am better at.  When I  am exploring nature in my backyard or have gone to a state park, I can’t help but take MANY snapshots.  Here is one of my favorites below.  My brother held an azalea in front of a small waterfall at a garden.  Wasn’t it nice of him to pose?

azaelea and water


 I also love writing poetry.  It seems to help squeeze all of my thoughts onto the paper in a creative way.  Not to mention using such lovely words. 

The Horse’s Mount

Tis’ was a foggy day he trod

Across the grassy field

Heavy winds raked the sod

Its currents would not yield.


But still this day the rider rode

Under skies of gray

No sign of path or dusty road

To help the rider on his way.


Now as he continued his violent ride

Thunder rumbled and lightening cracked

Not a human by his side

Just a horse to lead him back.


Now he saw his wisdom had failed

To choose this day to roam

So with great passion “giddy-up” he wailed

And turned his steed toward home.


I also enjoy listening to music and playing music of my own.  I love playing the piano and singing in the choir.    There are a few albums I like listening to the best.

"Freedom" By Michael W. Smith

"Freedom" By Michael W. Smith

"The Night As Bright As Day" By Joel Clarkson

"The Night As Bright As Day" By Joel Clarkson

"Beyond Nature" By Phil Keaggy

"Beyond Nature" By Phil Keaggy

 I absolutely love the song “A Psalm of Praise” By Jeffery L. Ames and “A Joyful Alleluia” By Keith Christopher.  My choir sung both of these and I almost cried they were so beautiful.  I love all of the arts, and I thank God for giving everyone talents so that we can share them with others.



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2 responses to “An Artist with Passion

  1. mom

    I love your poetry!! I am so thankful for you! I am blessed by your creativity!

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