There is Something About Acres of Sunflowers

acres of sunflowers

Imagine wandering through 300 acres of tall, bright sunflowers.  Or seeing nothing but sunflowers as far as the eye can see?  There is just something about that, that gives one chills all over.  When my chorus teacher traveled to Spain this past summer, she witnessed just that.  Acres of Sunflowers.  To think that these natural wonders of beauty sprout up all over the world!

Now close your eyes, of course after you read this post, and imagine the following scene I have written.   I decided to write a short story about acres of sunflowers, and about a young girl who dwells on the coast of Maine.


No sun awakes today on sunset farm.  Only the cows don’t know that it’s destined to be a stormy day.  They twitch their long skinny tails, and take in whiffs of strong hay as I sit to milk them.  Little do they know that I’m as eager to get off this pail and explore as they are eager to eat.  I can spy the tall fields of sunflowers bowing their heads and beckoning me to come.  A little sparrow hops into the barn, cocking its head to a girl sitting on a pail milking a stubborn cow.  Yes, it’s me the little bird is wondering about.  At least mama will churn butter from this milk.  

The dark clouds are moving in as I wipe my hands on my apron and take the pale of milk to the kitchen.  Fog, our Maine Coon, follows me to the porch.  Then stretching out and collapsing on a chair, she takes a cat nap.  Mama hands me an empty bucket that I take to the shed to hang with the rest of our collection.  The shed smells of onions and fresh plants.  This is where mama does her pottery, where papa gardens, and where I have sat on so many cloudy afternoons knitting.

I don’t linger in the shed, I start right out for my favorite part of our farm, the sunflowers.  Acres and acres of them sway in the breeze.  It’s like staring at a million of glowing, happy faces dancing for you.  I crawl under the cathedral of yellow blooms.  A chipmunk carries a nut home.  A mouse bathes under the drop of some dew that drips every three seconds.  Some bees gather pollen for their hive.  Oh how it’s lovely to be out here, sheltered from the rain, by a roof of giant sunflowers!


Can you imagine acres of sunflowers?  Maybe you have some on your very own property.  If so, enjoy their smiling faces.  Someday I wish to explore acres of sunflowers.


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