Hello Readers!  I am writing this post quickly!  Just a little note about all of the changes you might have been noticing. 

On my side bar, I have added several widgets.  You can now subscribe to my blog and receive email updates every time I post!  Also, please do me the favor of completing the survey you will also find on my sidebar.  Scroll down the page until you see the widget, “What do you think about An Author’s Orchard?”.  Click on the link that says something about taking the survey.  Please answer all of the questions!  It would be great! This will let me know what you think, and will also tell me how I can improve!  Please only complete the survey ONCE!  Thank you!

Also, I have changed my blog theme several times throughout this month.  (I can’t really make up my mind…can you tell? lol)  On the survey you can also give your opinion on my blog theme. 

I just wanted to point those things out!  Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!  Remember to keep looking for new posts through the holidays!  Read, comment, and enjoy!  Farewell for now!

Don’t Forget to fill out this Christmas poll on my sidebar!


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  1. Greetings – thanks for this informative posting. Please forgive this, my English is not the best. Spanish is my native tongue but I am learning getting down English. Regards!

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