Valentine Snow

Yes…I realize that I have failed to write during the past few weeks.  I apologize.  Trust me, I wanted to write, but battling with the business of life controlled my attention.  Why babble about the overwhelming plot of everyday life though?  Now that winter break has begun, my schedule has started to slow its pace.  Winter break brought snow!  The flurries didn’t cease until Friday night, and as I pulled on my boots and squeezed on snow gloves, the sun blazed and a blue sky replaced the gray.  The thick powder would not last forever.  Building a three 1/2 foot snowman, arranging surprise “snowball wars” and watching my little sister sled for the first time, helped me to realize how much I love the “not-so-frequent” snow.  Sadly, the world of white has disappeared and now as I glance out my window all I see is the ordinary yellow grass and bare trees that comes along with winter.  At least I can keep the pictures I took.  Here are some of them.

Besides the snow, my weekend was greeted by Valentines Day!  Not only was it a day of candy, valentine cards, and a happy little sister, but it was a day of relax.  As I descended the stairs that morning, I was greeted by a kitchen primed for the holiday.  A candy “soda pop” sat at my place at the table.  It was so cute.  My brother received one as well.  And of course, we each got many pieces of our favorite candy from it!  I have included some pictures.  I think that you will have to agree.  They are so cute.  I knew that you would be longing  to make one yourself.  They make the perfect gifts!

You will need:

  • a vase or ice-cream cup (glass)
  • candy
  • two straws
  • a dome of Styrofoam
  • glue dots and/or teacher’s putty

These are not exact instructions.  You really have to put this together whichever way works best for you.   These steps are really just basics.

Fill the glass with candy.  As you can somewhat see in the picture, my mom filled the glass with Dove dark chocolate hearts.  Attach the Styrofoam dome to the top of the glass and slowly begin to attach the pieces of candy to the foam in a circular motion.  Slowly build up.  Stick two straws out of the foam dome.  This makes the masterpiece look like a sweet drink.  Maybe a root beer float!

These are the ones my brother and I received for Valentines Day!  The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup one is mine. :)

Well I hope that all of my readers had a delightful Valentines Day!  Nearly a year has passed since I begun this blog.  I hope to write again soon of this year’s adventures, experiences, and creations!



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4 responses to “Valentine Snow

  1. kirsten

    Wow! That is such a cute idea! Those pictures are AWESOME! Great job Emily!

  2. Mor Mor

    Hi Emily!

    You have a real “knack” with photography! We so enjoyed your pictures! What a fun surprise your Mom had waiting for you and your brother and sister! She is always thinking of and doing fun things for all of you! You are all extremely blessed! We’re so glad you had such a fun time in the snow. We have had several huge snowfalls here this winter and we are still surrounded by much snow. It is beautiful but we’ll still be happy to see Spring come. How great it would be if we all lived closer to one another and we could see you all more often. We miss you very much!

    Love and blessings to you always,

    Mor For and Mor Mor

  3. Destiny

    Hi, Emily! Those are some “COOl” pictures(because the snow is cold! Maybe, on your next blog, you could add some recent photos of you and your family! We would all like to see youguys because we missed you sooo much. Hope to see you soon!
    Your Friend,

    P.S. I’ll send you a part of my book as soon as you can. Sorry to keep you waiting!

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