Art in Nature

Here is a continuation of a Month of Art.

The following works of art focus on the beauty of nature, but also include hidden meanings or people.

A Girl with a Watering Can by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, is my favorite piece of art.  The face of the little girl is so gentle and smooth and the colors are vivid and beautiful.  I love her dress and red bow, don’t you?

This style of painting used bright colors, and the artists rather than mixing the colors, would use quick brush strokes with the different colors, and the eye of the person viewing it would “mix” the colors. These artists worked out in the open and tried to show the effect of light on the colors. They observed how objects would change color as the sun moved across the sky.
A Girl With a Watering Can by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Angelus by Jean-Francois Millet is especially liked by my mom.  I think it is beautiful.  It shows two hardworking people stopping to pray.  The scenery is gorgeous.  The sky is vibrant.

To understand the painting we need to know something about the origin of the title. The Angelus was a Catholic devotion time. When the church bell rang, people stopped their work and said a prayer. This happened three times a day; morning, noon, and evening. In the painting we see the man and his wife stopping for devotion after hearing the bell from the church in the distance.

The Angelus by Jean-Francois Millet

I actually just discovered Water Lilies by Claude-Oscar Monet.  The water looks so real.  Once again this painting portrays nature in such a real way.  The light pink water lilies are delicate.  The lake is reflecting the bright blue sky and puffy clouds above it.

Water Lilies (The Clouds) Claude-Oscar Monet

Well those are just three more works of art that I enjoy.  I hope you will enjoy studying them as well.  Hopefully in my next post I will be able to include some of my brother’s drawings.  He is quite talented and loves drawing.  I hope you will look forward to that!  Well, I am closing for now.

Some information was taken from

I encourage you to visit the website above for more amazing paintings and info on the artists.  Thanks.



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2 responses to “Art in Nature

  1. Mor Mor

    These works of art are also some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing the pictures, as well as your descriptive comments. Your words make it come alive!!

  2. Mor Mor

    I’m still looking forward to seeing some of Elijah’s drawings. I hope I didn’t miss them.

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