Signs of Spring

There are signs of Spring everywhere!  The weather is warm and bright.  The trees are flowering, the birds singing, and the garden blooming with color!  Below is a slide show of photos I took just as spring began! Enjoy! 

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5 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. kirsten

    Wow! That was great! R U sure you don’t want to be a photographer when your older?

  2. Destiny Baker

    That’s sooo cool, Emily! The flowers are sooo pretty! I wish I had flowers like that in my backyard!

    • Hi Destiny! Thanks! I love the flowers too. I took those pictures at a plant nursery. The dafodils were in full bloom. Maybe I will put some pictures I took of the swans there too. I wish I had those flowers in my backyard too! lol

  3. Mor Mor

    You definitely have a gift with the camera. Wow!! Abundant talent flows through you!! Let’s see now…photography, writing, singing, acting, dancing, and of course the piano. What more could you want? These are all God-given talents and abilities placed within you for His glory and His purpose. Keep shining for Him Emily.

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