A Gifted Voice

I know I’ve been away.  But, I hope to write more frequently throughout the school year.

God bestows so many wonderful talents on his children.  Some can dance, some can turn an empty canvas into a work of magnificent art.  Another might play an instrument or sport. 

One special seven-year-old girl has been gifted with a strong, amazing voice.   Her name is Rhema Marvanne.  She is an amazing singer for such a young girl and she is using her talent to glorify God.  She sings for her mother who has gone to be with the Lord.   I have posted a couple of videos below.  Please visit her website for her story and more information.




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4 responses to “A Gifted Voice

  1. Destiny B.

    WOW! She has an AMAZING voice! Especially for a 7-yr-old! I wish I had gotten vocal lessons when I was seven! because now I have 2 improve when I’m 15.

  2. Mor Mor

    Hi Emily! I have seen a few of her you Tube videos and they are amazing! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tidbits. You are gifted in so many ways–singing, playing the piano, dancing, writing, photography, acting, to name a few. You can be sure that God has very special things in store for you. Love, Mor Mor

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