Three Little Kittens

The crisp, autumn breeze traveled along a small, winding path which could be found inside a little wood.   The whispering trees swayed with the motion of the wind and sent fluttering leaves to the root-covered ground.  Tiny, very unnoticeable drops of rain sent a mist from the sky, as the friends gathered close together under their single tattered covering.  A large umbrella the color of the smokey clouds overwhelming the sky.  Playful kittens created burrows in their little laps.  Although a storm stirred the sky and sent worries to cloud their hearts, their faces beamed with the peace that a true friendship brings.  No matter what their circumstances may be, they would always stick together.  Sunny days would come and go, but they would always be together through thick and thin.  That’s what a true friends proves to be… someone who will be by you no matter what.





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2 responses to “Three Little Kittens

  1. Mor Mor

    Hello Emily! What a precious Victorian picture of the girls with the kttens. Did you write the little blurb below the picture? I also love the Victorian card about friendship below the girls and the kittens. Where do you find these neat pictures? You are quite a young lady, so creative and tender. Love, Mor Mor

  2. Yes, I wrote the paragraph underneath the picture. I found the picture of the girls with the kittens in a literature/writing textbook of mine. I really like it too. Thank you so much for commenting!

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