Felt Sew Sweet

I know…the title is a “play-on-words”.  I just couldn’t help it.  You’ll see what I mean. 

I have busy sewing some heart-shaped sugar cookies for my little sister.  What is better than a heart-shaped sugar cookie?  Well there is one thing…. a felt heart-shaped sugar cookie:).  My little sister will be so pleased with them, since her reaction to the felt goodies I sewed her for Christmas was so positive.  Her Christmas goodies turned out really well.  Especially since we whipped up the whole batch in one night!  If you haven’t seen the page about them, visit the link: How to make felt cookies

When I finish the batch of heart-shaped cookies, I will post some pictures, but for now, I hope you enjoy my tutorial on how to make felt cookies in general.  So far, I have made one M&M cookie, one Chocolate chip cookie and one sugar cookie with sprinkles.  If you have the time to make these delightful little treats for a special little child that you know, I deeply recommend the project.  They are so real-like and I believe they look good enough to eat. 


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  1. destiny baker

    Your a good sewer! They look good enough to eat!!!

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