The Best of Friends

    “Have you ever had a friend with whom it was hard to keep acquainted?  You parted on good terms and thought of her/him as a friend all the time, but when you met again you found that once more you must become acquainted.  I have had such experiences and found them unsatisfactory.  I would rather a friend be a friend all the time.” Taken from Beautiful Girlhood, by Karen Andreola

Have you had any such experience?  I know I have.  When you see that good friend again, after some time and some distance apart, an uncomfortable feeling seems to grow up inside you and suddenly you feel shy.  The same person who you once knew so very well is now a stranger to you.  After some time, a conversation might bloom, but it will not come easy and will taken much effort to start.  If you find these circumstances unpleasant just as I do, you must discover how to prevent them.  You might not be able to see your friend for quite a while, but you may still communicate.  You know as well as I do, that if you where to converse through letters, email, and the telephone during your time apart, you would stay acquainted with your friend, and it would be easy when you saw them once again.

A true friend really knows you inside and out.  You are only a real friend when you learn to like the inside of a person and not just the outside.  There is a good feeling when you know that you can just be yourself.   You can do this around a friend that really cares.  Friends give suggestions that are not always easy to hear.  Friends understand when you are hurting inside.  Some people find it easy to build a huge circle of “friends” around them of people who they can talk to when they’re bored or want to have a good time.  But in times of need, these “friends” turn their back.  It is harder to find a true friend who will never leave you and will stand by you no matter what.  I believe that it is important to make friends with your family.  Because in the end, if no one else is there, your family, hopefully, will be.  But above all, it is very important to become a friend of God.  And just like a friend on this earth, you will find it necessary to stay acquainted with Him every day.  Then you will  really know him.  When you think about it, who knows you better than God?  He created you inside and out!  He loves your insides and your outsides.  He is the best friend you could have.

If you find it hard to talk to people around you, than you are not alone.  Sometimes, I feel very alone, standing outside of the “circle of buddies”.  I walk around thinking no one wants to talk to me.  This may be true, but I cannot assume that people don’t talk to me because there is something wrong with me.  Sometimes I find it very easy to talk to everyone in my class, etc.  And they also talk to me.  But even though I don’t have a huge circle of “friendly acquaintances” I have three very dear friends and I have the best friend of all.  His name is Jesus.

I encourage you to invest in a friendship that will never end.  And if you need to talk to someone, don’t worry, Jesus is always listening!  I also want to remind you to stay acquainted with your true friends.  You don’t want to lose them.  And if you don’t have a true friend yet, and you can’t seem to find one, just ask God and he will help you search!

Below is a poem a true friend once gave me:

The Best of Friends

by Jill Wolf

The best of friends,

can change a frown

into a smile,

when you feel down.


The best of friends,

will understand,

your little trials,

and lend a hand.


The best of friends,

will always share,

your secret dreams

because they care.


The best of friends,

worth more than gold,

give all the love,

a heart can hold.



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2 responses to “The Best of Friends

  1. Destiny Baker

    Great post, Emily! Keep it up! Someday, you could be an Author

  2. Kirsten

    You truly are a true friend! This post has described exactly how i have been feeling and also put a very wide smile on my face! I LOVE YOU!

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