Summer of Stories

Summer is arriving, bringing warmth and heat, blooming flower, thriving green trees, lush grass and time to enjoy life.  The business of school and studying have come to an end.  The young now have times to rest and enjoy the fun blessings that summer brings.  Others dread the heat and the blazing sun as it scorches the earth for several months of the year.

As summer awakes, I often find myself unoccupied and left with nothing to do.  It is a strange feeling to do nothing, after working hard sometimes non-stop on my studies and day-to-day life.  Most of the time I find myself trying to fill empty hours, but the cup of life continues to empty.  I have decided to spend some of my newly found free-time writing.  I need to do more writing anyway.  I will try, with the best of my ability, to post a story every week.  They might be funny stories or stories concentrating on the moments that are most serious.   The stories might contain periods of history or I might imagine up a fantasy.  Whatever my short stories say, I hope you and your family will enjoy reading them every week.  And I hope your life will bring happy times ahead and you will enjoy a summer of stories.

I would once again like to thank my readers and the many people who are so loyal to read, enjoy, and comment.  I hope you love reading as much as I love writing.


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One response to “Summer of Stories

  1. Kirsten

    Man it’s been so long since I’ve read one of your marvelous short stories! Can’t wait!

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