Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith: 2 Friends

I believe friends are important for many reasons, especially if they are true friends that will stick by you no matter what.  There aren’t many out there.  And only those who search will find.  A few weeks ago, I was AMAZINGLY blessed and was able to get tickets to a concert.  It wasn’t just any concert….It was the 2 Friends Tour.  The tour that 2 longtime friends (who both love music) got together after quite a “few” years and sang some of the songs that were popular in the 80’s.  Songs that built their friendship.  These 2 friends are Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.    Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith just happen to be my 2 favorite music artists of all time.  I know it might sound awful to the people who are crazy about today’s christian music, but to be frank, I don’t really get into it as much as others do, including my brother.  I prefer to go back a couple of decades to the christian music that started it all:  D.C. talk, Petra, Russ Taff, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart, etc.  So thanks to my iPod, I can listen to as much old christian music as I like.  I don’t turn the radio on much, but don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the christian music of today.  I am just saying that the 80’s is more my style.  I still enjoy listening to Toby Mac of course and Chris Tomlin, etc.

The concert began with a few songs written by the 2 friends:  Stay for a while, Love Will Find a Way…  It was awesome!!  Amy singing, her voice just as good of course, if not better than the 80’s, and Michael at the keyboard, just like the old days.  His musical career started off, you know, as Amy’s shy piano player.   But then Amy, being the good friend that she is, put him in the spotlight at Night of Joy in Disney World (according to my mom and dad).  He sang You Need a Savior which is one of my absolute favorites!

 When Michael left the stage, Amy Grant did her portion of the concert, going way back and singing all of the songs I love.  I knew them word for word. lol.

Photo taken from

The evening of the concert was quite toasty: a typical summer evening I suppose.  I thought Amy’s personality was great.  She was so laid back.  At the beginning of a song she had asked the audience to stand of up and dance.  At the end of the song the audience was sitting and fanning themselves.  Her comment was simply:  “Okay, I asked you to stand up on that one song and everybody is just sittin there fanning themselves.  I’m just gettin the lay of the land.  We’re dying out here aren’t we?  Dying.  Okay, me too.  But, um we’re just gonna carry on.  So, feel free to do whatever you want to do.   I don’t care if you take your shoes off.  It does not matter to me if you lie down on the pavement.  Whatever can just get you through the night.”  I had to laugh.  Although I felt kind of bad too, no one was acting very excited.  I was excited though.  The music was great as I had expected.

Well, half of the concert had passed and there was a slight pause, an intermission.  My mom, being the wonderfully spontaneous person that she is, found us closer seats for the second half.  As darkness began to fill the sky, Michael took the stage.  He began with a piano piece:  The Giving.  It is one of my favorite songs on Freedom, his instrumental album. Of course there were no violins, or an orchestra, but I kind of liked it better that way to tell you the truth.  And Michael told us to imagine the orchestra.  He even did motions like he was pretending to play the violin.  He is so funny.  He tells great stories the whole concert!  At one point he told the cutest story about a little girl stalking him at a mall.  :D  Once he decided to introduce himself to her, she replies, “My grandmother is your biggest fan.”

His second song was one of my all time favorites!  It is called Secret Ambition.  His voice sounded EXACTLY like the recording.  I felt like I was listening to the cd, it was THAT good.  Rocketown followed, which is also another song that I like very much.

Soon Amy was back on the stage to do an acoustic set with Michael on the piano.  They sang songs like Angels, and Thy Word.  The lights were awesome.  I enjoyed the concert SO much!  Michael finished his half with worship.  It was amazing!  His worship is the best ever!  My family and I are considering going to one of his worship concerts.

After the standing ovation, Michael and Amy finished the concert with the appropriate song, Friends. 

I will continue listening to the music of these 2 friends forever!

Here is a mix of some of the songs from the 2 Friends tour!

Would you like to listen to a few of my favorite songs?



The songs below were at a concert in Atlanta in 1985

If you would like to listen to more: Please visit my Music Page and more videos will be uploaded soon!



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3 responses to “Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith: 2 Friends

  1. Kirsten

    Sounds like you really enjoyed! I’m glad!

  2. I was at the concert at Chastain, too – great show, if a bit warm. Love all your videos!

  3. That was a great concert! I loved seeing M.W.S. and A.G. in real life! I had a great time.

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