Thank you for visiting my photography page.  As you may already know, I am very fond of photography and seem to be inspired with a certain scenery or action.  Here you will find some of my best and favorite photos I have taken.

The peaches were gorgeous shades of gold and crimson

Out of all of my daffodil photos, this one is my favorite.

Something old and something new.

The colors in this one are crisp and bright.  I didn’t do much editing to this one.

I was really excited to see how this one turned out.  I like the gray rustic color of the fence behind the flowers.  I turned down the saturation on this one.

Everything in this photo is grayscale except the daffodil.

I really like this photo.  Everything seems to be blurred except the daffodil.  I like the texture and color of the gravel path.

The colors in this daffodil are so clear and bright.  When I took this picture, I focused on the flower and blurred the boat behind it.

The colors in this tree stump were vibrant and so were the colors in the daffodil.  I didn’t do much to edit this picture.

This is a photo showing the first leaf buds of spring.  Everything in the photo is grayscale except the leaf.

My little sister poses for a picture in her blue tutu.  I turned the saturation down a little on this one.

This adorable black and white picture clearly shows my sister’s cute curls.  I curled her hair with rag curls!  It is tedious but rewarding.  Her hair was adorable!  It had the Shirley Temple Look!

 Isn’t this daffodil just lovely sitting lonely on the side of the road?  As you may have noticed, it is this only object in the picture that is colored!  I love editing photos!  Isn’t it fun?

This is one of my favorites.  I love the pumpkins in front of the old trucks.

I just love the misty haze that sort of surrounds this photo!  The saturation of the “once” bright orange tractors has been adjusted to a pale orange and I think that it give it an old-fashioned feel.

I just had to take this amazing picture of this steam engine!  Again, it was a foggy day.  I think it make the picture look so much better.

These delicate little hands gently fold some yellow buds.  I love the softness of this one!

I call this photography “the cow friends”.  I think it is funny how they stared at me as I leaned out of my car window to take this one!  They were just standing in the middle of the dirt path I was supposed to be driving on!

I will put more on this page as I take them.  Don’t get me wrong!  I have taken many more pictures than just these…trust me.  These are just several of my favorite!  Come back frequently for more of my photography!


5 responses to “Photography

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  2. Those are awesome pictures!! They are great

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  4. PaPa

    The pictures are great, but your commentary is awe inspiring. Love PaPa

  5. Destiny B.

    These are great pictures, Sis! You are really great at photography!!! I’m into Photography, too! Keep up the amazing work! Miss you!

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