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Thoughts Regarding Sincerity

“To be sincere is to be in reality what one appears to be not feigned; not assumed; genuine, real, and true. How much value we all place upon sincerity! What a low estimate we place upon the friendship of a person who proves not to be sincere, who, when to her advantage, snubs and ignores us.  How we despise the actions of one who is lavish with expressions of love and kindness to our face, but who backbites us in our absence. We care nothing for her friendship, and her very expressions of affection are obnoxious. Don’t you expect and demand sincerity of your friends?

“To be sincere is to be honest; honest with self and honest with others. Honesty costs something. To be truly honest is not always the easiest path. It is an easy matter to deceive ourselves, and to make ourselves believe we are doing right, when down in our hearts we know we are doing wrong.  A popular man might give to a good cause and make himself believe he is doing right, when deep in his heart he knows he gives only to gain praise of the people. A girl might make herself think she is studying because she is bent over a book, when she knows her thoughts are all upon the party to which she is going. There are indeed many ways for us to deceive ourselves. Many a man had built a church or endowed a hospital or school, or performed some other good act, to smother the feelings of regret and the fretting of a wounded conscience. To be honest with self means to look things over with an unfeigned heart, and to do right because it is right. When we do good that we might appear right in spite of deception in the heart, we deceive ourselves. When we least expect it, our true selves will be revealed.

“It is just as necessary to be honest with others. Beth buttoned her coat carefully before she left her room, thinking her mother would notice what she had done and approve; for she had often been cautioned against going out in the cold with her coat unbuttoned. But that morning, Beth had put on a tight sweater that her mother did not wish her to wear to school, and that was her real reason for carefully buttoning her coat. She was both disobedient and dishonest.

“To be sincere is to be hearty; that is, to enter into all you do with all your might. She who is sincere will give the best of herself to whatever work she undertakes. Even the humblest tasks become noble if they are performed heartily. The sincere girl always makes a satisfactory worker wherever she is employed. She does her work with a reasonable degree of speed and with great care. Whether she works in an office, in the schoolroom, in the factory, or in the kitchen whether her work brings her good pay or whether she is a busy homemaker, if she is sincere and willing she will be a success. Her eye is not on the clock to see if her times is about up, but her whole attention is upon what she is doing.

“Sincere people are hearty in their friendships. Did you ever put your hand into the hand of a friend and have her grasp it heartily and look you in the face with a friendly smile? Didn’t it do you a great deal of good? It does others just as much good if you greet them sincerely and enthusiastically. To be sincere is to be genuine and straightforward, no putting on. The girl who is sincere means every word she says when she is expressing love and friendship. I need not fear the she is only trying to make an impression on me, or that she is getting my confidence only to ridicule me later. She is no turncoat and no traitor. It seems to me a girl can have no greater fault than faking friendship and affection she does not feel. Those who are sincere are real.  They are real friends, real students, real sisters, and real Christians.

“To be sincere is to be frank. Frankness is speaking right out from the heart what you think and feel. But there is a very unpleasant trait that sometimes passes as frankness. That is a disposition to say cutting things. There are many things that are better left unsaid. Even though circumstances have given ample room for severe criticism, it is better to keep the bitter word unsaid, and to speak kindly. Frankness does not mean that we tell people what we think of them and their actions on all occasions. True frankness shows in clear, honest eyes and in a gaze or purity and truth, which brings confidence to all who see it. It will be seen in the eyes when the lips are silent.

“Beautiful girlhood can hold no more attractive nor lovable trait than sincerity. When a girl can look with honest eyes and perfect sincerity into life, and can meet the temptations that are sure to come with a heart sincerely set to do God’s will, that girl will succeed. Her life will be a blessing to many. Old and young will be encouraged and strengthened by her presence and friendship.” Taken from Beautiful Girlhood, by Karen Andreola

When friends pretend to be friends and people pretend to like you, it can be a painful situation. Almost nothing saddens me more than when I perceive a fake friend. It hurts me deep inside to know that most in this world are not showing their true selves. They vow friendship, but will not act it out. I challenge you: work hard to show your sincerity in every way you can. Don’t make friends you don’t have any intention of keeping. When someone thinks they have made a friend who really cares about them, their heart leaps for joy! But imagine how that same person would feel when that same “loving” friend ignores them most of the time and really never pays much attention to their interests or feelings. If you are not quite sure how to be sincere, remember to always check your motives.  What are your motives for doing the things you do? Do you volunteer to really help and lend a hand, or do you just want to look good to everyone around you? Stay true to Godly motives and you will be sincere. Along the path of life, I sometimes come across a true or real person. It refreshes me when I can know that whatever they say or do is what they are really feeling inside. I believe that honesty is the backbone of friendship. You can never truly be a friend with someone whom you do not trust. No matter how hard you try to be that person’s friend, the feelings or uneasiness and caution will always be deep inside your heart. There are not many sincere people in today’s life. If you are sincere, than you will truly be a rare gem to all that are around you.


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