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Spending a Little Time with Art


This week I have decided to spend a little time with art.  Every day I will post a work of art.  Today’s work of art comes all the way from Sweden, and is painted by the artist Carl Larson.

In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

The big black stove warms the room and fills it with the smells of yeast and Swedish rye bread.  I take possession of the little white wash basin to scrub my little sisters chocolate-covered hands and rosy cheeks.  Her squirming doesn’t abate when I fix her hair.  The fresh air of the day glides through an open window, and the scent of pies flows out attracting every hungry child on our street.  A pot of parsley grows healthy in the window.  The kitchen with its bright yellow walls and shelves stacked with uneaten vegetables and blue-flowered china, is a cozy place to spend the morning.  Mama fixes coffee for Papa, tea for herself and hot cocoa for me and the little ones.  The little white kitten, Snowball, begs for my fried fish at suppertime, but when she doesn’t receive any, it’s a pity to see her sulk into a corner.  Mama is calling us now.  I must scurry to the garden.  But the kitchen is always my favorite place to be.


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