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Savory Saturday

Last Saturday was a delicious one.  The early morning started off with pancakes, even better, Mickey Mouse Pancakes.  This area of cooking is my dad’s specialty.  We left it to him while the girls “got ready”.  Pecans were cooked in the batter and “authentic” maple syrup was drizzled on top.  Everyone left the tables with their stomachs satisfied.

Our First Mickey Mouse Pancake cooking on the skilletDoesn't it look good?All Done and Ready to Eat!The grown-ups had a stacks of regular pancakes, but they were still just as yummy!Doesn't it look good?All Done and Ready to Eat!The grown-ups had a stacks of regular pancakes, but they were still just as yummy!

 Below is a picture of pancake as it begins to brown.  The smell is all throughout the house by now.

Doesn't it look good?

 Add some rasins for the eyes and nose!

All Done and Ready to Eat!

The grown-ups had a stack of regular pancakes, but they were still just as yummy!


Afternoon rolled around, and I summoned up the courage to throw together some egg omelets.  I had never made an omelet before, and the idea of flipping the eggs without it crumbling into pieces was not an optimistic thought.  I gathered the ingredients and my three-year-old sister and I went for it.  My sister can crack an egg almost as well as me.  I am convinced; she is destined to be a chef.  My family and I naturally call her “the Little Chef”, but my favorite name for her is “Princess Chef”.  The omelets were delicious.  I chopped up a red pepper and grated white cheddar cheese.  Everyone wanted seconds!

The omelets smelled so good cooking in the pan!

Popcorn: What better way to the end the day?  My dad spread out the futon and we laid our sleeping bags across the top.  Sprawled out on the futon, watching a movie, dad announces that it is time to make some jiffy pop popcorn.  My sister’s eyes grew wide as the aluminum foil grew into a giant dome. 


Jiffy Pop POPCORN-AKA: The Giant Dome


I hope your mouth is watering by now…It should be.  I hope our next Saturday is as “savory” as the last one. 



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Baking Bread

That warm feeling you get when bread is baking in the oven…

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This Cinnamon Bread is crispy and sweet.  The perfect breakfast to make for Valentines Day!  Smother warm bread with butter and serve!  It is delicious!

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Felt Cuisine

Yes, I know I haven’t blogged in quite a while.  I have had so much to do that keeps me busy!  Hopefully, I am back to blogging!  This post is full of yummy felt foods!  When my dad decided to build a wooden play kitchen for my little sister, my mom’s search for safe kitchen play foods began.  We found plastic, wood, even crocheted!  Then we found these felt masterpieces!  They look like real foods and they made my mouth water!  A lady from Australia has been making them for her kids for years.  If you go to www.feltcuisine.com you will find more information on how to make them and also find some YouTube videos with endless pictures of her creations.  But I have included pictures of these delicacies. 

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And go to this website, http://www.feltcuisine.com/home, and sign up and she will email you a free pattern for one of her felt foods!  Also you can buy her beautiful books and make many more of her felt creations!  Her instructions are step-by-step and easy to follow!


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