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One Nation Under God

“If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, than we will be a nation gone under!”  –Ronald Reagan

I know it is several days after the 4th of July, but since I didn’t have time to post before, I thought it would be right to post tonight.  I hope all of you had a blessed July 4th.  July 4th was the day of our first independence.  It’s amazing to think that on that day our country was made free from Britain.  Every time July 4throlls around and I am sitting at home watching the breathtaking fireworks on TV, my mind is brought back to my trip to Washington D.C.  What an amazing time that was.  To not only hear about our countries history, but to see the artifacts and landmarks with my very own eyes.  To gaze upon the capital, and to stand tall by the Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial.  I enjoyed visiting art museums and especially liked the historic museums full of things like Thomas Edison’s inventions, the Wright brother’s plane, a Mr. Rogers sweater, Dorthy’s red shoes, and almost everything every “First Lady” could have owned.  I have to admit though, that my favorite place of all was the National Archives building which held the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and many other important documents.  Washington D.C. was full of beauty and architecture, with Ford’s Theater, Monuments, and Artifacts being the highlights of my trip.  We took more pictures that we know what to do with, but at least I can look at those pictures and remember one of my favorite vacations.

It’s thrilling to look back on our countries heritage and history; to know that it was founded upon the Bible and founded by people who loved God and wanted this country to be a country of free worship.


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