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Christmas Reading

Hello readers!  I hope you all are not too busy to read this Christmas season.  In this post I have included a few books and novels I have thoroughly enjoyed during previous years.  I hope that you will enjoy them too.  The first book I have decided to feature this month is titled, “A Paper Bag Christmas.”  It is about two typical spoiled boys who find joy in something different from presents one Christmas.  Convinced to do some work for “santa” they visit children dyeing with cancer in a hospital.  What they find change their lives forever.  This book practically brought me to tears.  I ask you to find time in your busy Christmas schedule to sit down and read this book by yourself or with your family.

This book is more like a book for children, but can still be enjoyed by all.  “Annika’s Secret Wish,” by Beverly Lewis, describes a Swedish Christmas.  It’s illustrations are magnificent.   Let this book inspire you to have an old-fashioned Christmas.

And of course, this movie will be enjoyed numerous times by my family this Christmas.  “It’s a Wonderful Life,” has been playing in the homes of many families every Christmas for decades. 

Finally, I want to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas.  Remember to take some time to read and be with your family.


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A Novel Worth Reading

As summer break begins, I must tell you of a book that you will probably will searching for by the end of this post.  It is a novel that is very unheard of by most people and was only just recently republished.  It is a touching story of an endearing 10 year-old boy who is suddenly orphaned and transplanted from a world of music in the mountains with his father, to the provincialism of the little town of Hinsdale.  It is a story of how the simple, undefilable goodness of the boy transforms the lives of the people who reluctantly take him in, despise their opinions of his crazy talk and strange innocence.  The novel is called, Just David by Eleanor H. Porter (the author of Pollyanna).  I hope you consider buying the book, it deserves a place among your library of classic literature.

You can find it at:




Also please pray for a little boy whose name is Noah; he has a serious disease.  You can visit the families blog below:


I want to thank all those who view my blog.  I also want to apologize about the long gaps between posts. Please continue to read my blog and be inspired to do more with your life every day! =)

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