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Peach Picking Day

The day was brimming with typical summer pleasures: a bright blue sky with cotton ball clouds, fields of green, and peach ice cream.  The short orchard trees were adorned with perfectly round, golden and crimson balls of fruit.  Taking the large pail provided, we set out under the sunny smile of the sun to pick juicy peaches.

The day was what you could call a perfect sunny afternoon.

Each of us spilled with eagerness to pick the perfect peach.  Barely ripe, slightly firm, yet glowing with rich colors.  The heavier the peach the more juice your slice will hold.

Hidden beneath the shaded branches, unseen beauties slept silently and undisturbed, waiting to be found by the explorer willing enough to climb under the low arms.

I couldn’t help but take many pictures of the humble little treasures and their vivid colors.

The red bucket rapidly began to fill with peaches until the pile grew to the top.  Many little hands helped as well :D

The sweet scent of summer peaches made everyone barely able to resist taking a bite, but soon the towering bucket was in the trunk and we were driving back to the front of the orchard.  We had picked enough fruit to last for quite a while, all throughout the remaining days of summer at the least.

It was a wonderful day and my first day spent peach picking.  I still remember driving off into the sunset licking the melting peach icecream cone in my hand.

I hope you and your families have spent some of your summer days enjoying life in the great outdoors.

To view the rest of my peach pictures please visit: My Photography Page.  Thank you for reading!  Wish I could send you some peach pie! lol.



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To Admire Yellow Roses

One evening, after an exhausting but rewarding day spent dancing, I rested in my kitchen.  I couldn’t help but gaze at the glowing blooms adorning the center of the oak table.  They were vibrant, silky, petals opening with the color of the morning sunrise or the evening sunset.  Any of you that really know me can probably guess what I did next.  Grabbing the small black camera that had already been used so many times that day at the recital, I snapped about a hundred (well maybe fewer) pictures of the gorgeous roses.  I thought I would share a little warmth of summer with you! :)

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A Day at the Park

The other day my family and I took a trip to the park.  I didn’t have my best camera with me, but I was able to take a few “okay” shots.  Hope you enjoy them.


 The field was full of dandilions.  Make a wish!

My brother goes around on the merry-go-round.

The old unusable basketball hoop caught my attention.

A train passed by while we were there.

My favorite part is the tire swing. It always has, it always will.

Just outside the park, I captured a fallen log in the woods.

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for taking this little trip to the park with me.


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Oh My! Times Does Fly!

Today, I am celebrating my birthday.   The years have gone by so quickly!  It all seems like just yesterday!  I often miss those days when everything seemed so simple.  When I didn’t have school and the business of life to worry about.  When I could run through my Florida backyard completely barefoot in the heat of summer.  When I could play all day without a care in the world.  When I could just be a child.  Childhood is a wonderful thing.  Children enjoy life to its fullest and are never afraid of just being themselves. 

But I am thankful for memories… 

Memories of all of the things I was able to do in those short years of childhood.  Memories of exciting trips to Disney World, Washington D.C, or Grandma’s House.  Memories of friends I have grown up with since kindergarten, or have enjoyed since 5th grade.  The thrill of finally getting a puppy after praying for many years is a feeling that is not soon forgotten.  But most of all I am thankful for the memory of family.  The night I saw my brother for the first time; camping with my dad; going on excursions in little mountain towns with my mom; the weekend my little sister was born.  These are times I will never forget…on my birthday and always.

I thought I would post something special for this day that I think you, my kindred spirits, will especially enjoy.  Here are a few pictures of me (and maybe even my sweet brother) throughout the early years. 


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Word for Today

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”  Corrie Ten Boom

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

To view the rest of my spring blossom photography visit my Photography Page.


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Signs of Spring

There are signs of Spring everywhere!  The weather is warm and bright.  The trees are flowering, the birds singing, and the garden blooming with color!  Below is a slide show of photos I took just as spring began! Enjoy! 

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