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Three Little Kittens

The crisp, autumn breeze traveled along a small, winding path which could be found inside a little wood.   The whispering trees swayed with the motion of the wind and sent fluttering leaves to the root-covered ground.  Tiny, very unnoticeable drops of rain sent a mist from the sky, as the friends gathered close together under their single tattered covering.  A large umbrella the color of the smokey clouds overwhelming the sky.  Playful kittens created burrows in their little laps.  Although a storm stirred the sky and sent worries to cloud their hearts, their faces beamed with the peace that a true friendship brings.  No matter what their circumstances may be, they would always stick together.  Sunny days would come and go, but they would always be together through thick and thin.  That’s what a true friends proves to be… someone who will be by you no matter what.





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A Rainy Day

“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” Genesis 9:13

As I write the heavens have opened, and heavy rains are falling from an angry sky.  The dusk of the day is now ending as the darkness of a storm swallows up the light.  The peaceful sound of raindrops pounding on the glass of every window is soothing.  I sit at my desk filled with inspiration, for I enjoy rainy days.  They are a peaceful change from the bright sunny days.  The drought has ended and now spring showers have arrived preparing the way for the sizzling summer.

A rainy day

A rainy day

It has been a beautiful day full of numerous different weathers.  A sunny afternoon, a windy evening and now as night has come to take its grip on the earth and chill the temperature, rain covers nature with a blanket of refreshment.  When the gray skies made the blue ones disappear, little ladybugs crawled on the moist soil.  I watched them for an hour as the strong, steady wind shifted my hair.  Then just as the first raindrops fell and the last toys were put away a tornado alarm went off and echoed everywhere. 

Now as I type I am sitting at my desk and I can hear “Sarah Plain and Tall,” playing on the television.  The smell of dinner is floating up the stairs and finding me in my dark bedroom full of rainy-day gloom.  For those of you who do not enjoy stormy weather God sends it for a reason.  And remember, although the sky is gray there will always be a sun.  Rain is the earth water hose.  It makes the flowers bloom and the trees blossom with green leaves.  After the storm God sends a rainbow to promise that the sun will come again.  Rainbows are a wonderful symbol of spring.  With bands of red, orange, yellow, green and blue they brighten the rainy sky.  Take a moment to think about how wonderful the rain really is.  Imagine splashing about in rain boots with an umbrella resting on your shoulder.  When to come inside from the wet weather you sit down by the window and nibble on a cookie as raindrops cling to the window-screen like dew to a spider’s-web.  Lightening cracks against the darkening sky and thunder rumbles.  Rain is truly an amazing thing about spring. 

If spring showers bring May flowers what do May flowers bring?  Pilgrims!!! :)

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